OFLA Awards

The Nomination Form can be completed and submitted by clicking on the second  link below.

♦   The first link below will give you access to the awards descriptions.

♦   The second link below will link you to the form that you can submit online directly to the Awards committee.

◊  9 Awards Categories for OFLA Members

◊  4 Awards Categories for non-OFLA Members

 If you have questions, please contact Martha Castañeda, Past President and Awards Committee Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OFLA Award Descriptions

OFLA Awards Online Nomination Form (This will open in a new window.)


OFLA Teacher of the Year

OFLA Teacher of the Year Award Criteria

OFLA Teacher of the Year Nomination Form (This will open in a new window.)


Student Awards

The Student Achievement Award is intended for Ohio students who have achieved success in language study. Teachers and administrators select students and recognize their achievements with the award.